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Blindfolded Girlfriend

“No Name. No age. No profession. No talking. No noises ” she said to her boyfriend. “I don’t want to hear him.” She said as he handcuffed her to the bed.

Vetonica is a 26 yr old law student. She is 5ft 8 Long blonde hair Size 12 with B cup bust. She and her boyfriend had been together since she was 18. After an 8 years relationship, things were getting boring and therefore her boyfriend had decided to persuade her into trying something new to spice up their relationship.

She looked at her boyfriend as he put the blindfold on her ” Can you see ?” He asked

” No ” she replied she lay naked on the bed. She took a deep breath in anticipation. She felt totally vulnerable naked and tied up.

The door opened and he walked in, she heard him undress and kneel on the bed between her legs. Her boyfriend sat on the chair watching as the stranger leant over with his hands caressing her breasts, he kissed her lips and then french kiss her. He kissed down her neck to her breasts sliding a hand up caressing her as he sucked her nipple. She groaned as he sucked and caressed her breasts. Then kissed down her stomach to her pussy circling her clit with his tongue. With one hand he spread her pussy lips licking down inside them tasting her sweet juices as he rubbed her clit with his thumb. His tongue found its way to her vagina, he pushed it up as far as he could rubbing her clit and pussy lips. He lifted her legs bending them at her knees and then he lifted her arse licking past her pussy to her anus licking and circling it. She groaned as he licked back to her pussy sliding his fingers inside her pussy as he licked her pussy lips and clit.
Her boyfriend watched on while stroking his dick.

He then got up grabbing his hard cock
He rubbed it against her clit. He slid it up and down her pussy then finding her vagina, slid it deep inside her. She groaned as he fucked her, slapping her as he caressed her breasts and kissing down to her nipples and sucking them. He fucked her hard spreading her legs wide open. Her boyfriend watched excitedly while she is being been fucked hard and abused. After a while he orgasmed in her filling her pussy with his cum. He stayed in for a minute shooting the last of his cum juices inside her. He withdrew, stood up and dressed. After he left, her boyfriend took the blindfold off. They saw the cum spilling from her pussy. Her boyfriend then started masturbating and then came right on her face. She sucked his dick with affection as if thanking him for this arrangement.

She showered and dressed then headed to the restaurant for dinner. She knew the guy who fucked her was down in the restaurant or bar. It turned her on...

(Story and photo by michael76ete)


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