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Homeless Girl

Two years after my second kid and six years since I had done it, I was feeling the urge again. I tried to suppress it for as long as I could, but it was no use. The desire was too strong. Eventually I gave in and started to get ready.

I told my husband that I needed a spa weekend and booked myself a package at one of the fancier hotels in the city. We live in a commuter suburb, so it was about a 45 minute drive to the downtown hotel. I left Friday evening when my husband got home from work. I made sure he knew where everything was for the kids, that he remember the play date tomorrow then kissed him goodbye.

I got to the hotel just before seven. I got checked in with plenty of time to get to my massage at eight. Then I had a manicure and pedicure, and finally got back to my room at around ten. I had a light snack and some wine from room service, and went to bed. I had to take a sleeping pill to get to sleep, I was so nervous for the next day.

My phone rang at seven that morning with my wake up call. I had breakfast, then went for a full wax followed by a mud bath and face mask. By the time everything was done, it was eleven. Now for the tricky stuff.

First I hit the bank and got $600 in twenties. Then I got a hold of an old friend, who put me in touch with a dealer. By one o'clock I had $540 and a few small baggies of powder cocaine. The next stop was an adult store. I bought a small strap on dildo and harness, small buttplug, lube, two pairs of padded cuffs, a small ball gag and a length of restraint rope. The bill was just over two hundred dollars, which was painful because I was only going to use the things tonight, but I couldn't keep them at home.

I went back to the hotel and put my new toys away. I was soaking wet, thinking of how I was going to use them later, and it was an effort of will to resist masturbating. As it was, I changed into a fresh pair of panties. I had a small snack at the cafe in the hotel lobby, then got into my car. Now came the tricky part.

The hotel was in the downtown core, which placed it near by some of the more run down parts of town and a few homeless shelters, which is part of why I chose it. Even better, since the last time I did this, a charity opened up a shelter specifically for LGBT youth. My husband and I had even donated to it in the past, and I had a cheque to drop off there.

I had a brief but pleasant meeting with the man running the shelter that day, and he gave me a brief tour of the facility, thanking me for the donation. It was a converted house, with rooms set up with two twin beds, a big communal dinning room and rec room. I didn't stay long, but I kept my eye on all the girls there. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to approach any as the shelter supervisor was with me the whole time. I thanked him for his time and left, trying to think of what to do next.

Then, after I left and I was walking towards my car, I got lucky. There was a girl of 18 or 19 walking towards the shelter. She had the rundown clothes in multiple layers of someone who was living on the street. Her hair was lank and greasy, and might have been dark blonde under the grime. She was walking towards the shelter, probably looking for a bed and a warm meal.

"Hello there sweetie," I said. "Are you heading to the shelter?" The girl just kind of shrugged, not looking at me. "It's okay," I told her. I understand. I even donate to it." This time the girl gave me a little smile. She was pretty in a worn out kind of way. Life hadn't been very good to her.

"That's cool. I should get there so I can get dinner..." she told me, starting to walk.

"Why don't I take you to McDonalds or something? I'm sure you could use a treat."

The girl looked at me again, and I'm pretty sure she guessed what I wanted. "I guess. Do you have any cash?"

"Of course sweetie," I said and took her hand, starting to lead her towards my car. "How much do you need?"

Now that I was walking beside her, I could smell her. She obviously hadn't had a shower in at least a few days, and her cloths hadn't been washed for longer. "Is fifty ok?"

I laughed and told her, "I can do better than that!" I opened the car door and let her into the front passenger seat. Inside the car her odour was even stronger. "Now lets get you some food."

She was quiet as we drove, trying to make herself as small in the seat as she could. A few minutes later we got to McDonalds and I pulled into the drive through line. "What do you want sweetie?"

"Chicken nuggets." She wasn't the most talkative girl, but that was okay. I ordered her a ten piece combo and a chicken wrap for myself. After we got our food I pulled into the parking lot so we could eat. She devoured her food almost before I had even started mine. She looked so hungry and sad that I gave her my wrap too.

After she had eaten everything and finished her drink, I took all the garbage and threw it away. I almost expected her to take off when I got out of the car, but she was still there when I got back. I turned the car back on and started driving. I reached over and began to feel her thigh. She shivered a bit, but let me touch her.

"So what's your name?" I asked her.


"Well Jenny," I said, continuing to slide my hand up and down her thigh, "do you mind coming back to my hotel? I have my cash there. We could even get some more food, maybe some wine from room service."

Jenny didn't say anything, but after a few seconds she nodded. My pussy was absolutely soaked, and I let my hand roam to the top of her thigh, stopping now and then to rub between her legs. She didn't look at me, but she opened her legs wider to give me better access.

It took us about ten minutes to get back to the hotel, and I continued to run my hands over the smelly little girl beside me. I parked in the parking garage, my room key letting me in. Thankfully there was an elevator in the garage so I didn't have to take my prize through the lobby where lots of people might see. We took the elevator up the the eighth floor, and there was no one in the hall. I quickly took Jenny to my room, and shut the door behind us.

The room was a suite with a sitting room separate from the bedroom. Jenny sat down in one of the chairs, pulling her knees up to her chest while I ordered some chicken fingers and fries for her, and a couple of bottles of wine. That done, I took Jenny's hand and pulled her into the bedroom. Closing the door behind us, I turned her to face me and bent down to kiss her. There was no resistance and she opened her mouth for my tongue.

She tasted like McDonalds and teeth that hadn't been brushed very often. As we kissed I started to pull off her clothes. The jacket and first shirt opened from the front and quickly ended up on the floor. The next two shirts where t-shirts so I had to stop kissing her to pull them over her head. As I took them off I saw and smelled her lightly haired armpits. She wasn't wearing a bra, and had two tiny, barley a cup breasts with tight little nipples capping them.

I bent down to take off her shoes, and Jenny crossed her arms over her tiny breasts. The shoes were followed by two pairs of socks, then her jeans and the leggings underneath. The dirty clothes made a pile beside the bed, and Jenny was standing there in nothing but a pair of undersized Dora the Explorer panties. They were stained and some matted brown hairs poked out from the sides.

I pushed Jenny back till she lay on the bed, her legs hanging off the edge, her arms still over her breasts. Then I pulled my dress over my head and pulled off my panties till I was naked but for my bra. I climbed onto the bed, and straddled Jenny's head.

She just kinda lay there as I began grinding down on her. Rubbing myself across her face felt amazing, but I wanted more. I reached back, pushing her arm out of the way, and pinched a nipple. "Lick me slut," I snapped at her twisting. She did, slowly at first, but with more enthusiasm as I gave the nipple another twist. She trust inside me a few times with her tongue, small wet and firm, then started in on my clit. I let go of her nipple and grabbed a fistful of tangled greasy hair, holding her mouth tight against me. I think she was having trouble breathing because her hands began slapping against my thighs and calves. I let back on the pressure for a few moments, heard her gasp, then pressed back down.

We did that half a dozen times, me pressing down hard till Jenny was almost out of breath, then letting her get a gasp of air before doing it again. She licked at my clit frantically, hoping to make me come so I would stop smothering her. It worked. After only a few minutes I had an explosive orgasm, one of the biggest in years.

I rolled off Jenny and lay there panting. I pulled Jenny over to me so her head rested on my breast, and shuddered with the aftershocks. Jenny shook lightly with repressed sobs. She stank, but now there was the smell of my juices on her too.

We lay together like that for almost fifteen minutes, and I was starting to fall asleep in the afterglow, when there was a knock at the door to the suite. "Room service," a voice called.

I scrambled out of bed, grabbing a robe from behind the door. "Stay here," I told Jenny," and went to get the food and wine. A minute later the room service waiter was gone and we had two bottles of wine, some chicken fingers and fries. "Come on out," I called into the bedroom. A few seconds later Jenny came out, red eyed and still only wearing her panties.

"There's some more food here for you," I said gesturing to the table. She sat down and started eating while I poured two big glasses of wine, placing one in front of her. Jenny ate quickly, washing down the food with a few big swallows of wine. I topped her glass up while sipping my wine. Pretty soon she had finished almost two thirds of a bottle.

When Jenny had finished her food, she looked at me and slurred, "Can I go?"

I laughed and poured the rest of the bottle of wine into her glass. "Not yet! There's still lots of fun for us to have." Jenny just shrugged and drank more wine. I went to my purse and pulled out one of the baggies of cocaine that I had bought earlier in the day. Jenny watched me silently as I cut the powder into four different lines.

I rolled a twenty into a tube, and inhaled the first line. The coke hit me with a rush, making my nipples tighten even more and hair stand up all over my body. "Come on over here," I told my plaything.

Jenny stood up, swaying slightly from the wine. She came over and I handed her the rolled up twenty. As she bent over to take a hit, I stopped her. I pulled down her panties, leaving her totally naked. She had a small bush of matted brown pubic hair, and smelled none too clean. I stood behind her and wrapped one arm around her waist, and slid one, then two fingers of my other hand into her mouth. Once she got them nice and wet, I pushed her torso down towards the dresser top where the coke was, and reached down to her dirty cunt.

I slid my finger inside her as Jenny took her first hit of coke, and feeling her velvety tightness squeeze my finger, it was almost like I had done another line myself. I used my other hand to fondle her barley there tits, pinching and pulling her nipples. "Do the next line," I told her, licking her ear and feeling her shudder, driving a second finger into her cunt. Jenny inhaled more of the white powder, he body shivering from the drugs, the wine and my hands. I left her breasts alone and took the rolled up twenty, then used my body to flatten hers against the dresser, fingers still inside her. My head was beside hers, and I did the last line of coke still there. The shudder of the drug hitting my system made me clamp my hand together, and Jenny squealed at the abuse of her cunt.

I stood back up, taking my hands from her. As she was starting to rise, I slapped her ass and said, "Stay." I went over to the bag of toys I had gotten at the sex store earlier, and took out the buttplug and the lube. I walked back over to Jenny, and leaned over to whisper in her ear, "Ever had anything in your ass?" She shook her head. "Then this will be fun," I said licking her ear. "Reach back and spread your buttcheeks."

Jenny did as she was told, revealing a dark hole with a rank smell and a few dirty hairs surrounding it. I squeezed some lube onto my middle finger, then began running it over and around her anus. She shivered, but kept her cheeks spread. I pushed into her slowly but firmly as Jenny let out a whimper. Her ass was even tighter than her cunt, and when my finger was all the way in I could feel a firm nugget at the top of the canal. I fingered her ass a few times before withdrawing it. There was a bit of brown collected under my finger nail, so I stuck it in Jenny's mouth and told her to suck. She did, only gagging a little.

I poured some more lube over the buttplug and pushed into my toy's little stink hole. She shivered and cried a bit as the widest part of the plug stretched her, and then it was in. I grabbed the TV remote, and went and sat down in the easy chair in front of the TV. I hooked my legs over the chair legs to leave my cloth exposed. Jenny was still leaning against the dresser, hands spreading her ass open, the red base of the plug lewdly exposed.

"Over here," I called her. She came, and without me having to tell her, knelt down. She leaned forwards and took a tentative lick of my pussy. "Not there. Eat my ass." As Jenny's tongue began to prob my asshole, I turned on the TV and started channel surfing. I still had the whole night ahead of my, and I was planning what to do next.

On Black Night

It was the weekend party night. And I was all set to rock the dance floor. I was waiting for the moment I leave my home to visit the club grabbing everybody's attention on me by wearing such provocative seductive dress.

I was preparing myself for this day. I got a nice shower, shaved off my pussy and body hair for a silky smooth skin. Put on a layer or make up with 2 shade Red lipstick matching my Oil Red Deep V front party dress which showed much more skin upto my navel and was backless which ended just above my butt cheeks and went on to put Dolce perfume to match my style.

I left my home at 9 for the night club and without a pass I was at the entrance of the night club where the guard stopped me for the ID and the pass. I seductively winked at him and dont know why he let me in without arguing much. I was happy that I made it to the club.

Straight away I went inside to the bar area and ordered tequila and took a shot keeping my clutch on the bar and settled myself on the chair. I noticed a handsome checking me out from head to toe and I got excited by the thought of I grabbed attention of atleast someone. I finished my drink and jumped on the dance floor to have someone only to find a guy moving behind me and grinding his crouch area to my ass and trying to grope my stomach from behind. I let him do it as we were dancing and there were much crowd and I let him grind his crouch for sometime. After I turned towards him and whispered in his ears better luck next time handsome and left the dance floor. I was feeling very awkard even though I was waiting for this moment but being without my BFF courtney made me not to enjoy the clubbing. So I ordered another tequila and took a shot and stepped out of the club, and to my surprise i didnt find any taxi to get back home.

I started walking and also the area was so inhabitat that nobody was seen walking the street even though the night club was on full. I was walking when I heard a voice "ARENT YOU LOOKINGYA FOR ME BABES??" and I was frightened to hear such a deep voice and I saw a Black figure coming out of the shadows with a grin smile.. I replied "Definitely Not!!" and started walking away with clipping my heels away from him. He suddenly stopped me and said "YO SMELL YA GOOD, wanna join me for a drink??" I said no thanks and started walking away but again he stopped me and said You are definitely looking for some fun.

I didnt respond and started walking.

He again interrupted me and said I wanna kiss YOU!!! Just give me a kiss and I ll let you go..

I feared for him and didnt respond nor tried to walk away.

He again asked Yo babes is it means that you are okay to kiss me???

Again I didnt respond and which led him advance towards me and planted a kiss on my lips.

Oh my gosh... It was electric... I havent been kissed by anyone in public ever out in the open and that too a black guy. His kiss sent electric jolts in my spine and I was spell bound by his Kiss..

He said Oh lady you really liked the kiss huh??? I didnt respond but inside I was really turned on by the kiss.

He again took hold of my hair and again put his lips on mine this time harder to kiss me more passionately and I surrendered myself to his masculinity and I really have to say he was a very good kisser.

He broke the kiss after a good 5 minute only to find me still in the spell of him swirling his tongue inside my mouth. He asked me NOW would you like to join me?? and I readily answered YES!!! He took me to his car and while walking towards his car his hands were on my bare back caressing the sheer smoothness of my skin and pulling myself towards him. He was around 6.5 ft and I seemed very small to his enormous size.

We drove towards his place and all the way I was watching the monster inside his trouser which was making a dent thinking of the size and how I am gonna take it.. And He was looking at my milky thighs which was showing off when my dress rode up while sitting in the car. It was deserted area with a lonely house in between and he drove me inside. He stepped outside the car and opened the door on my side and took my hand to take me inside his house. I was walking hand in hand with perfect stranger whom I met and I just realised that I dont even ask his name..

He took me inside and once inside he started kissing me harder and lifted me as I was so small compare to his enormous body size, and I was like a small rag doll to him. While he lifted me I dropped my purse and was kissing him back and he took me upstairs to his bedroom and as he had already sensed that I was not wearing any bra he took the shoulder straps down to see my 35D boobs and he unzipped the dress to reveal my sexy curves to him and he did something that I had never imagined before. He took my thongs off me by his mouth all the way kissing my smooth legs.

I was now perfectly naked infront of my black lover who was still dressed, I jumped to open his belt and he was removing his T Shirt. Once I dropped his trousers down I saw the huge bulge he had in his boxers and I slid his boxers down to see the biggest DICK I ve ever seen. It was almost 12" and 2.2" thick i guess. He removed his boxers and was standing infront of me stark naked and my mouth gaped wide open to see the view of such a huge man with monster dick. He asked me YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE BABES?? and I said Yes.

I took his monster cock in my mouth and started blowing him in and out of my mouth with both hands I cant take his member as it was so huge. I suddenly stopped and asked him I am giving you a blowjob and I dont even know your name!?? He replied Joey. I said jennifer.. And again get back to business of giving him a blow job. He was enjoying as I licked his member from Base to Tip with my tongue flickering. He enjoyed every moment as I heard his moans in between.

I heard him grunt and he said I am gonna cum baby and started to unload his cum in my mouth. I tried to swallow as much as I can but he shoot so much inside my mouth that a few drops spilled out of my mouth even though I tried to close and contain it to fall off my mouth. I received a mouthful of his salty cum but yet I havent been fucked and my pussy was waiting to be pounded by this hard monster of Joey.

I asked Joey to fuck me and even though he has just now cummed his member was ready for the action and he jumped on the bed and started sucking my boobs and started eating my pussy. Oh gosh he is such a good pussy eater that I came just the moment he hit my G Spot and I climaxed and cummed right on his face. He licked my pussy juice with pleasure and stood up only to have his COCK in hand and he was trying to put it in my pussy. I closed my eyes and was thinking of the pleasure this COCK is gonna give and was waiting and I didnt feel anything near my pussy lips. I panicked and opened my eyes only to find Joey with a grin Smile along with his 3 friends surrounded the bed while I was laying naked!!

He asked me what I want and as I was thinking of getting fucked by Joey I suddenly blurted out "GIVE IT TO ME BABY I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME" and I put my hand on my mouth suddenly and again tried to cover my boobs and pussy infront of those 3 black guys surrounding us. Joey replied Babes if you need my cock you have to satisfy my friends here as well. This is how my first BLACK GANG BANG started.

I said NO please give my clothes back I ll go home now. I jumped off the bed and tried looking for my Red party dress but it was nowhere to be seen. They might just have hid anywhere. Joey said dont you want me to fuck you. I said yes but not with your friends. He said dont you wanna feel the FUN, JOY and PLEASURE you get with all these dicks filling your holes. I dont know what spell he had on me that I walked towards his friends and started unbuckle their pants to discover their monsters. They undressed themselves and lifted me towards the bed and as I got a glimpse of 3 cocks around 8-10 inch standing erect which will soon discover me inside through my holes. Oh the sight was so ecstatic that I gave up for the pleasure its gonna give me.

The first one took bit on my nippes and was fondling with my navel studs and another was caressing my boobs while the third one was eating my pussy. I didnt asked for their named and I just said I WANT Y'ALL TO FUCK ME and I took the first BLACK DICK inside my pussy and it was I ll call him J1 and he started to pump inside me. He was huge but I havent lubricated his member which made it rough even though my pussy juices were lubricating his cock. I was giving a blow job to both J2 and J3 one and one and suddenly J1 lifted me so that I rode him. He was huge that once I sat on him his cock was well inside my womb. I was jus riding him that I felt a finger on my ass it was J3 and I turned back to look at him he was using his spit of lubricate his member so that he can fuck my ass. I again looked at J1 and started kissing him when J3 entered my ass and both the cocks filled my holes and I was like their bitch.

Both the cocks where pumping inside me like a hot piston and I was moaning so loud that suddenly J2 took place infront of me to put his cock in my mouth. Now I was having my first 4some and that too with black cocks. I was having a very good time and three of them where fucking me like I am their bitch. I started shouting Oh come on fuck me yess fuck me fuck me and then I felt J3 fill my Ass with his CUM and he retreated and J2 took his place and started fucking my well used ASS HOLE lubricated by J3 cum trapped inside. I cleaned J3 cum giving him a blowjob and J1 and J2 fucked me for well 20 minutes until I realised that both have cum inside me without protection when I felt both their CUM spurt hit my pussy insides.

I cleaned their cocks and they left me panting on the bed with the pleasures they gave me I was waiting for the King of COCKS Joey to fuck me. I called him and he was playing with his cock making ready to fuck me and he did. He came over me and inserted his 12 inch cock inside me in one go and I moaned Oh you are HUGEeeee and he started pounding me. I was moaning Ummm UHHH yeah fuck me fuck me he fucked me so good that I hit my orgasm 2-3 times in between. Then the moment came when I felt his cock fill his seeds inside my unprotected womb and collapsed on top of me while his chest pressed my boobs and said BABES I HAVE NEVER BEEN WITH ANY GIRL LIKE YOU WHO TOOK MY WHOLE DICK INSIDE and I giggled and said "I am No Ordinary Girl" and slept in his embrace. I woke a hour after and Joey was still sleeping I searched for my dress it was on the shelf I wore it didnt mind taking the thongs to wear and stormed out of the house.

I found a taxi and I was heading back to my home when taxi driver was looking at me through his mirror of my foiled lipstick and uncombed hair. I said just drive quickly and was just on the thought of what just happened.????