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Home Alone

I walked into the kitchen, planning how I was going to spend my week alone
while my parents were on vacation. I was pretty small at only five feet four
inches tall, 130 lbs, and a 34C bra size with short blonde hair and dark blue
eyes. I had just put a movie into the blue-ray player when the doorbell rang.

I don't usually answer the doorbell when I am home alone, but someone was
talking through the door, "Please, can you help me? My car broke down right in
front of your house. Could I please use your phone to call a tow truck?"
I walked to the door cautiously, and looked through the peep hole. Standing
there was a twenty- something year old guy with short, spiky blonde hair,
chilling blue eyes, and stood at around six feet two inches tall. He was so hot,
so I walked over to the mirror to make sure I looked okay. Then I went to open
the door.

"Hi" I said brightly, "So you need to call a tow truck?"
"Yeah", he said dreamily, "Mind if I come in?"
"Oh- uh, well my parents don't really like me letting people in the house when I
am all alone," I said shakily.
"So your home alone?" he asked, "What are your parents doing leaving a sweet
little thing like you alone?"

I was getting incredibly uneasy. He was looking down at me with an unknown
sparkle in his eyes. All I knew was that I wanted him to leave-- now.

"Oh, well you know my parents should be home any minute," I smiled
"Really? Because I could have sworn that your parents left yesterday with quite
a few bags"; he said smirking at me.

I froze. My breath caught in my throat. I looked outside all around, but saw
only parked cars, no broken down cars with the hood up, or smoke coming out, and
worst of all; no people. I grabbed the door and tried to slam it shut on him so
I could go call the police. But before I could get the door shut, he shoved a
steel- toed boot in the door. I pushed against the door to try and break his
foot in it, but he was way stronger than me. He pushed the door open and slammed
it shut as I stumbled out of the way. I ran as fast as I could to the closest
phone, but he caught me by the arm. He then proceeded to slam me against the
wall, and put one hand around my throat and put both of my small hands in the
other above my head.

"P-please," I begged, blinking away tears."Please don't kill me."
He smiled at me- It was terrifying even on his handsome face."Don't worry
sweetheart," he said mockingly, "I'm not going to kill you-- but what I am going
to do to you will probably make you want me to." The smirk returned to his face,
as I looked up at him, barely breathing.

“You see,” he continued, “I have been watching you for a few weeks because when
I first saw you, I couldn’t help but think about how hot you were. I was
planning on just letting you go on with your pathetic teenage life, but that was
before I realized what a tease you are.”

Tears were now flowing freely from my eyes. What is he going to do to me? I
thought to myself. He didn’t even notice my tears as he continued talking.
“I saw guy after guy try to ask you out, but you reject all of them while you
walk around in your slut clothes, acting like you’re the fucking shit. Now,
Brittany, I’m going to teach you the error of your ways.” Hearing my name on his
tongue sent shivers down my spine.

“Please, don’t,” I sobbed, looking up at him desperately, “I’ll give you
whatever you want. My parents have money, so please don’t do this.”
His smile disappeared and his face was now empty of emotion. “Oh, I don’t need
money. You really think that can solve all of your problems, don’t you bitch?”
He took his hand from my hands that were numb after being above my head, and
slapped me hard across the face. I had never been hit before. The side of my
cheek stung as I tried to scream out for help. He laughed at me. “Who are you
yelling for? No one is around or home,” he smiled sinisterly; “We have all the
privacy we need, don’t we Brittany?”

He let me fall to the floor in a crumbled mess. “P-please,” I whispered, trying
to plead with him once more. He crouched down, so that we were face to face.

“What’s that sweetheart?” he asked, “I couldn’t hear you.” I just continued to
sob: There was no way out.

He stood back up and took a handful of my blonde locks and pulled me upstairs
while I screamed in pain.

“Oh yeah,” he yelled as he dragged me, “scream for me, bitch!” He managed to
drag me up the steps and pulled me into my room. He threw me down on the ground
which was luckily carpeted. I was crying and sobbing and begging now. He then
grabbed my hair again. I screamed as he yanked my head back so he could whisper
in my ear.

“You know ever since I decided I was going to fuck you, I haven’t done anything;
no masturbating, sex, no nothing. I wanted to save all of me for you, and you’re
going to get it you fucking cunt,” he snarled into my ear.

He then pulled me up to my knees so I was looking straight up at him. “Please,”
I tried once more, “I’m a virgin! I have never done anything like this before!”
He grabbed the collar of my shirt and pulled me to my feet.

“Wow, honey,” he said to me, “that was a stupid thing to say. So now I know
you’re a virgin, and you clearly have no idea what a treat it is to fuck a
little teen virgin’s brains out. Don’t worry though sweetie, we will get there.”

I sighed and looked down defeated. He then shoved me back down on my knees.
“That’s where whores belong,” he smiled down at me. I was face to face with his
crotch, which luckily his jeans covered, but I could see a bulge growing there.

“Alright, first things first,” he said brightly, “strip”. It wasn’t a request.
Before I could even register what he had said, he backhanded me across the face.
I fell to the side, but quickly got back up.

“I said, strip,” he said trough gritted teeth. This time, I complied right away,
as I pulled my shirt and shorts off, leaving me in nothing but a bra and my
panties. “Those too,” he said, clearly frustrated. I was terrified. I took my
bra off and then slowly pulled off my panties as tears fell from my eyes.

"good girl",” he smirked, “Damn, you are a hot one. Look at you, on your knees in
front of me. Exactly where you should be.” I saw the bulge in his jeans was
threatening to burst the seams. I looked at it in horror.

“Now undo my pants, and grab my cock,” he said. I looked up at him, my eyes wide
with fear. He clearly didn’t want to ask me twice since he took a handful of my
hair and rubbed my face against his clothed cock. “Do it,” he ordered.

I was sobbing heavily, but complied as I slowly undid his belt, then the top
button of his jeans and the zipper. I pulled them down, then did the same to his
briefs, and in doing so, came face to face with his monstrous cock. I tried to
pull away but he still had a hand tightly entwined in my hair. It was the first
cock I had seen in real life, and it was incredibly close up. He peeled off his
shirt revealing a perfectly toned chest with a rippling six pack. In any other
situation, I would have found him incredibly attractive, but not now. All I
could see was a monster.

“Good girl,” he cooed, “Now open your mouth and suck me off.” I made no move to
open my mouth. He then took his cock in his one hand while his other hand was
still in my hair keeping me close. He pulled me closer to his cock, as I
struggled against his grip on my hair. The tip of his cock was now touching my
lips. I wanted so bad to scream or gasp, but I refused to open my mouth and let
that foul thing in. He traced my lips with it, leaving traces of pre cum on my
mouth as it swept over.

“Come on bitch,” he said, “open wide.” He then pulled me even closer so that my
face was smashed against his member. He was getting irritated, so he put his
thumb and forefinger over my nose so that I would have no choice but to open my
mouth for air. When I finally opened, he shoved his cock roughly down my throat.
I choked and sputtered at the unwanted intruder. It stopped in the back of my
throat, and he kept my head from moving back off of it.

“How about this,” he said, “You suck me off convincingly, and I’ll be on my way.
I’ll let you stay a virgin a little longer.” He then paused for a second before
saying, “God you look hot with my meat shoved in your mouth, so what do you
say?” He then pulled out, leaving me gasping for air as I contemplated his

The sooner I get out of this, the better, I thought to myself. I had never
sucked cock before, but it’s not rocket science. I took a deep breath. “Fine,” I
“All right,” he said, “Then get to it, slut.”

I proceeded to take him in my mouth, but his cock was about ten inches long
fully erect, so I could only fit about half of him without choking. I started to
bob my head up and down on the disgusting member, trying to get more of it in my
mouth but failing.

“Sorry, bitch,” he said looking down at me with only half of his cock in my
mouth, “Not good enough.” He then wound both his hands through my hair and
yanked my face violently against him. He then pulled me back, and then proceeded
to rock his hips roughly into my face. My throat was trying to get rid of the
intruder that was poking into the very back of it, but every time it went out it
was thrust in again, and each time seemed more violent than the last. After a
few minutes of my oral torture, I started to pick up the rhythm of breathing
when he pulled out, and attempting to hold my breath and control my gag reflex
while he was in me.

“Look at me, cunt!” he ordered, “Look at me while I fuck your mouth.” I obeyed
as I brought my dark blue eyes up to meet his cold blue ones. “You like me
inside your mouth? Because my cock loves being there, and there is nothing I
love more that my balls tapping against a stupid, spoiled bitch’s chin, as I
fill her whole throat up.”

“Ohhh yeahhh”, he moaned, “Your mouth feels so fucking good, cunt.” He thrust
himself harder into me, until I couldn’t even breathe between entries. But at
that point, he cock started to stiffen, and he moved faster still for the next
few seconds before pulling my face so close that his balls were smashing right
into my chin.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” he purred, as he came. I felt streams of hot, foul liquid
pouring down my throat in bursts. He then pulled out and sprayed his last few
bursts all over my face and hair. I had never been so humiliated in my life. He
let me go, and I tried to catch my breath. I then crawled into the corner of the
room, so I could be as far away from that monster a possible. He just smiled at

“How do you like having my brand inside and out?” he smiled, “You know in some
countries that would mean I own you. But you’re mine already, aren’t you, cunt?”
I was crying hysterically in my corner. I kept telling myself it was all a crazy
dream and that none of it was happening, but whenever I opened my eyes, I was
still there; naked, covered in cum, with a psychopath staring at me.

“Well, bitch,” he said nonchalantly, “As you know, you didn’t keep good on your
word of sucking me well, so now I’m going to fuck your brains out, and then fuck
you some more just so the message that I own you really sinks in. How does that
sound?” I just cried more until he came over to me and yanked me up so that I
was standing in front of me. He slapped me in the face again. He then shoved me
onto my back on the bed.

“Oh,” he smiled to himself, “I forgot something. Don’t fucking move.” He didn’t
have to tell me twice. I stayed put as he went into my closet and came out with
a belt. He turned me over onto my stomach and quickly secured my hands behind my
back with the belt, then flipped me so that I was on my back once more.

“No, please!” I begged as he settled himself on top of me. I struggled under his
weight, and without the use of my hands: I was helpless. We were face to face
now, as he kissed my lips harshly, and began groping my tits with both hands,
pinching and pulling at my nipples. Soon after, his mouth replaced his hand on
one of my tits as he began sucking and nipping at the tender flesh. The pain was
intensified as I felt his cock growing again right against belly. He lifted his
head up from torturing my tits and looked down. He looked back up at me. “You
ready to have your cherry popped?” he asked me in a sickly sweet way. I cringed
and tried everything I could to wiggle and squirm away.

“My cock loves it when they struggle,” he said more to himself than to me. It
was true though. His cock was getting harder as I tried to get away. “Let’s see
just how tight you are,” he mused, and shoved a finger in my cunt. It hurt
incredibly badly. I let out a scream of pain. “Holy shit,” he said, “That’s even
tight for one finger.” He then looked up at me with a cruel grin on his face.
“Imagine what it’s going to feel like to have my giant, thick cock rammed up
there…” I shuddered, and continued my struggling as he continued to finger fuck
me painfully. I tried to close my legs but he spread them wide with his own, and
wouldn’t let them close.

“You’re so dry,” he said, “But that’s ok. It wouldn’t be fun if it was easy
right?” He took out his finger and began running his now fully erect cock up and
down my slit, teasing me for what was to come. He then stopped, and positioned
himself right above my opening. I tried desperately to get away from the line of
his cock, but I had no such luck. He pushed it into me about an inch before the
pain erupted in me.
“Please! Stop!” I begged, “It hurts!” I was crying. He just looked up at me and

“It’s supposed to hurt at first,” he said tenderly, “but I’ll make sure that it
hurts the whole time I am fucking your sweet little pussy.” I shrieked as he
pushed another inch into me, and then another. His whole cock wasn’t even inside
of me when he stopped: He had reached my hymen. I held my breath.

“I know you’re going to like it, you cum slut.” And with that he pulled out and
rammed into me, breaking the delicate surface of my hymen in the process. I
screamed out in pain as he began pounding into me. He slid in and out easily now
since the blood from my hymen and the pre cum on his cock mixed to form a
lubricant. Every time his massive cock entered me, I felt the stabbing pain of
him all the way in my throat, his cock was so big and he was fucking me so deep
I almost couldn’t handle it. I could hear his balls slapping against my ass as
he rammed his entire length into me.

“Oh, yeah! You are the tightest bitch I have ever fucked, and you feel good,” he
grunted, as he continued to fuck me senseless. I was struggling as much as I
could at this point, just trying to get him out of me.

“Yeah, that’s right. Fight me, you cunt,” he laughed, “I love to see you try and
get away!” I screamed out in frustration. After what seemed like forever, his
balls started to tighten and his cock grew stiffer. “You ready for me baby?” he
asked before spraying load after load of cum into my stomach. Before he was
done, he pulled out so that he could coat my stomach and chest in his cum. I
felt disgusting. I had a load of his cum dried all over my face and tangled in
my hair, and now I had a fresh batch sprayed across my midsection. I took in a
deep breath. It’s over! I thought, He’s finally done with me! Now he will leave
me alone! And it sure seemed that way when he left me on the bed and left the
room. My hands were still behind my back, but I thought he left. But a few
minutes later, he returned. He took his pants off the ground and pulled out what
looked like a dog collar. He put it around my neck and secured it in place with
a small lock. He then took a long length of rope that he had gotten from my
garage. He undid the belt from around my hands, and replaced it with the rope.
He cut it with some scissors that he found in my desk and tied the rest around a
loop on my collar.

He stood back to admire his handy work, and before he could say anything, I
spoke; “Please! Just leave! You have already hurt and humiliated me in every way
possible! Just leave!” I yelled at him. He looked confused.

“You really think I have hurt and humiliated you in every way possible?” he
asked me. When he didn’t continue, I nodded. He smirked at me mischievously.
“I’m just getting started, bitch! You see, I’m taking you. You are mine,” he
stated. I stared up at him in absolute horror. There is no way he can just take
me! I thought.

“Y-you can’t do that!” I screamed at him, “I am a human being! You can’t own me,
you sick bastard.” He just continued to smile at me.

“Of course I can,” he said simply, “I fucked you. I want you. And I always get
what I want. I have fucked a lot of girls, but I want you. It’ll be great. My
own personal fuck slave!”

“No!” I sobbed, trying to break free of my restraints, “Please don’t do this!”

“Aw, It’s okay, babe,” he mockingly pouted, “You’ll love it: sex every day, as
many times as I want it, being fucked by my friends, blowing us under the table
at dinner parties. Sounds pretty good to me.” He walked toward me and put me on
my knees on the bed, and then pushed me down so that my face was flat against
the bed.

“But there is still one more hole I need to test out…” he mocked, as I screamed.
“Please, no, no, no! Not that! Please, I’ll do anything but that!” I cried, as
he smacked my ass and began to spread the cheeks.

“Well, if I don’t fuck your ass, I won’t know if you will be a good slave, but
judging by your pussy, your ass will be so tight,” he laughed. “Just seeing you
all helpless and tied up like I own you is making me so hard.” It was true. He
was straining against my back. He continued to spread my ass cheeks until he
could see my puckered little hole. He shoved a finger up it. If I thought it
hurt when he shoved a finger up my cunt, this hurt one million times more. I
cried out for him to stop, which he did, but next thing I knew I felt his
throbbing member against my hole. He pushed himself inch by excruciating inch
into my ass.

“Oh yeah,” he said pushing further and further, “It’s gonna be a tight fit but
we’ll make it work, won’t we?” I kept screaming until he got all the way into
me. “God, and I thought your pussy was tight,” he growled. And as soon as he was
in, he pulled out, and then thrust in with such force, I thought I would split
in two. Luckily, I was so tight that after about a minute of horrible pain, I
felt his cock start to stiffen as he held my hips and moved faster and faster
with his until he blew his entire load of cum into my bowels. He then shrank
inside me and pulled out. My ass collapsed and I fell back against the bed.

“You are going to make a great fuck slave,” he said, as he ran his shit and cum
covered cock through my hair. I tried to stay awake, but I passed out from the
pain, exhaustion, and pure stress of the worst day of my life. Something told me
it was all going downhill from here....


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