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3some with my neighbor

Waking up on that hazy, hot, and very humid mid-July morning I realized, I
have a ton of stuff to get accomplished today. From catching up on housework to
mowing the lawn my day was going to be very busy indeed. It started off like a
normal day off from work. I left early and went to get my iced coffee from my
favorite coffee place around the corner then came back to enjoy it on the deck.
As the temperature and humidity started to climb quickly I erected the table
umbrella on the deck to block some of the suns rays then I took off my shirt
exposing my very sun kissed tan skin and started to hang laundry that I just put
in an hour ago. I am by no means the athletic body type but I am in great
physical condition. I can run a 5k in 25 minutes, so you could say I can hold my
own... My girlfriend's been gone for about a month now and doing chores alone
are starting to get easier around the house.

Mid way through hanging out my laundry I hear rustling in the bushes from the
apartment next door to my house. I stopped to look curiously to see what it is
and I spot my neighbor Heather with what looks like company. My god with these
two girls out here now i'm going to get nothing done today. Heathers friend is
very attractive tan she looks Italian with curly brunette hair with blonde
highlights that flows past her shoulders but very petite, both girls are well
beyond average New England girls. As I'm pushing the clothes out further on the
line to dry I catch the faint smell of coconut tanning lotion and hear some low
volume 90s pop music coming from their patio. They're both out there in their
bikini tops and short jean shorts. While Heather's friend went back inside
Heather yelled to her "Hey Carolyn! Make us some lemonades, the Tequila is in the

"Ohhh hey Seth. I see you up there being a manly man hanging your clothes" Letting out a slight giggle after.

"Ohhh hi there Miss Heather, yeah kinda sucks doing everything by myself now but
you know."
"Yeah, I hear ya." she walks closer to the fence "you know where a better spot
would be to hang your shorts Seth, because there's not much sun there?"
"Where's that?"; I questioned
"On my floor... or yours?" she said back confidently.
"Haha, good one Miss Heather. I needed that laugh"
"I'm serious Seth name the time and place ever since the last time we played I
can't get you out of my mind. From the way you got me off so hard with your
fingers, to the cum you shot over my shoulder I want to have you and see you do
that again!"
By this time her friend Carolyn was heading back out to the patio with two
full drink glasses and a pitcher of lemonade.
"Heather who's your friend?" Carolyn asked.
"This is my neighbor Seth, he's going to invite me over later tonight, he
just doesn't know it yet. He's the one I told you about."
She giggled while she winked at me as she walked back to the patio.

I finished hanging my laundry and
watched as Carolyn shimmy'd out of her cut offs and watched them slide down her
tan legs showing her amazing thigh gap. Exposing her pure white bikini bottom
tied with strings on each side as she layed down on a towel. Carolyn laid face
down on a beach towel to start tanning. Heather got my attention by whistling a
cat call, then as I looked over she turned away from me and bent over and slid
her shorts to the ground running her hands up the inside of her thighs then
pulling her g-string to one side with her left hand as she simultaneously slid
her right middle finger in all the way past her pussy lips. As she stood up she
looked back at me over her left shoulder and slid her same finger she just
penetrated herself with deep in her mouth then back out again a few times as she
winked at me and tapped on her wrist as if she had a watch on.

I went back inside now with my thoughts racing, do I get ballsy and tell her
to come over now? Would Carolyn show up also? Man what a spin toy she would be
to play with. God this single life is getting pretty good so far... A half hour
or so goes by and I open all the windows in the house and jump in the shower to
cool off and get this bead of sweat off from me. I let the cool water run down
my tone body but can not get the crazy thoughts of my newly found neighbor
friend and her company out of my head. I hastily dry off and glance out the
window, they're gone?! I walk out on the deck and I don't hear any more music.
As I'm walking to my bedroom to get dressed I see a flash of bright color pops
through the etched glass of my front door. I walk down the 7 stairs and look
closer... IT'S THEM! Heather and Carolyn! I can feel my balls tighten
immediately. I cracked the door and partially hid behind it.

"Hi there, we're doing a bottle drive for broke college girls of America" as
they both busted out laughing. I nervously laughed back.
"Hi there ladies" Standing there in their colorful bikini tops and short
shorts. "I have some bottles. Would you like to come in and get them?"
"We absolutely would!" I walked down the 6 stairs to the finished basement and
went to grab for a bag of bottles as Heather grabbed my towel and tore it off
from me as I tried to hold it on and take it back the playful tug of war got my
cock as hard as ever and I gave up just standing there completely naked looking
at them in shock. They looked amazing with their tight tone bodies and great
full perky breasts popping out of their tight bikini tops.

Heather instantly grabbed ahold of my bulging dick with a firm grip. "See I
told you it was an awesome cock!" Carolyn's eyes widened, "wow, you weren't
kidding. That looks amazing! I bet he'd feel so good inside of me."

"You'll find out soon enough babe, i'll be sure of it" Heather chimed in as
she pulled me toward her by my cock she guided me to the wrap around couch where
she pushed me down on it as I sat down. Just thinking in awe of the two
beautiful women I have in front of me what we're they going to do with me?!
Carolyn pushed on my chest so I layed down on the couch in the cool basement
where they both expertly got down on their knees side by side and started
kissing my inner thighs each working closer to my pulsating manhood. I layed my
legs on their outter shoulders to allow them to get closer. They each started
licking on my balls and up and down each side of my shaft. Dragging their nails
up and down the back of my tone thighs. Slipping their mouths sloppily along
either side of my rock hard erection they started to attempt partially kissing
while each having a side of my cock in their mouth. I picked my head up off the
couch to watch in amazement as these fine young ladies did their thing.

They both stopped sucking me off suddenly as Carolyn grasps my stiffened rod
and starts pumping away by hand manually with this grin on her face.
"I have a crazy idea" she says. "How about Heather does you, and I do her"
My heart practically stops. "Say what?"
Heather seems hesitant. "C'mon Heather, show him your gag reflex, or lack
their of." as Carolyn goes in and grabs the back of Heather's neck and starts
kissing her deeply twirling her tongue around Heather's. I hear a slight moan
from both of them as they pull apart from each other and start taking each
other's tops and bottoms off. Heather starts creeping in on my still firm cock
while on her knees. As she cups her left hand around my balls entirely she
dribbles saliva on the head and slowly plummets her warm wet mouth all the way
down to the base. She bottoms me out at the back of her throat massaging my
slickened freshly shaved balls against her chin and rubbing my small trimmed
patch of public hair against her nose to engorging on my just from the shower
smell. "My goddddd!" I stutter "You're incredible!"

"Hey! What about me?! You haven't seen anything yet funny!" as Carolyn says
while she gets behind Heather's ass as she's bent over pleasing me to the fullest
extent. These girls are both very fit, they each play sports in college so
they're in great shape. Carolyn kneeled down behind Heather and started kissing
her back then bent down further and slid her arms between Heather's legs. Heather
spread her knees a bit further apart as her friend eagerly wrapped her arms
around Heather's inner hips from where she hoisted Heather's lower body up in the
air and propped her tight thighs on her own shoulders so that Heather's pulsating
pussy could receive her slow french kiss. I look up to see Heather's tight ass up
in the air at a 45° angle as she held herself off the couch on her elbows
bobbing up and down on my cock.

Carolyn winked at me over her ass then closed her eyes and started with the
slow art of licking and suckling on Heather's clit. Heather backs off for a
second to catch her breath in between the muffled moans of her moistened mouth.
"I want you to fuck my mouth Seth, right now. Bury my lips down to your balls
like you mean it" So I did as I was asked, I grabbed the back of Heather's head
with a left hand fistful of her long flowing hair and used my right hand to
brush any hair away from her willing mouth while cupping under her chin. I began
thrusting into her oral expertise. Meanwhile Carolyn was keeping her plenty
satisfied with her very own oral exam you could say. Heather's hips bucked up and
down and gyrated round and round on many occasions. I glanced up to see Carolyn
rubbing Heather's firm perky tits in a circular motion as she slowed her pace.

Heather's moans of ecstasy grew faster and louder and she tried to pull off
from my cock that was throat fucking her at a pace of about 1 pump per second.
"Umm unna um!" We both heard her say. "What's that you naughty girl??" I asked
with a smile as she tried to pull away again but I kept pumping away. "UMM UNNA
UM!"Near screaming on my cock as I deep throat her as saliva splashes down on
my glistening balls I let go of her head. "I'M GONNA FUCKING CUM;!!!! "She
screamed as Carolyn got a major dose of her orgasm running down her chin then
onto her ample breasts all at once as she was held quivering.

She gently lowered Heather's knees to the ground where she sat there and
shuddered for a minute, as Carolyn and I held her up and kneeled in front of her
as all three of us proceeded to kiss on each other. Each getting a taste of
Heather's salty climax from Carolyn's chin and tits. I picked Carolyn up after a
few minutes like she weighed nothing because well she was maybe 100 lbs soaking
wet and I was horny as fuck. I flipped her upside down into a standing 69
position where my tongue parted her pussy lips as I plumeted slowly and started
tongue fucking her. She knew just what to do with my cock as it grew even harder
as she started lubricating up the head as she wrapped her hand around the base
and sucked the top half while stroking the bottom half at the same time. Heather
was then able to regain her footing and balance after another minute where she
stood up in front of me but behind the upside down Carolyn that was wrapped
around me.

She wrapped her arms around us, around me, and dragged her nails down my back
because she knew I loved that. Soon after she slid her warm hands down to
Carolyn's breasts that were rubbing against my waist. Locking eyes with me she
started kissing and nibbling on Carolyn's upside down hips and butt cheeks. I
pulled my face away from twirling my tongue around Carolyn's clit in a slow
figure 8 motion kissing her pussy and mouth the words "do it, lick her ass" she
smiles and runs her tongue up along Carolyn's vulnerable ass cheeks kissing
towards the middle then running her tongue over her tight little asshole.

Where Carolyn pulled her mouth off from my cock in pure pleasure and yelled out "Ohhh
my fuck keep doing THAT! "As we both licked on her like a melting ice cream cone
in July. As she bobbed her head on and off my cock until she tensed up and
started shaking and moaning with pleasure onto my shaft as she pumped her mouth
down on me and kept stroking. Heather and I finished licking on her two holes
and let her finish out her orgasm she trembled as I gently laid her down on the
couch while licking around her sensitive areolas along the way.

As Heather laid down she took a spot beside her friend and I went to get us
some waters. I came back and they both quickly drank theirs as I slowly took a
few sips.
"You ready for round three Seth?" They questioned.
"Wow, round three?! Fucking right! Wait, what's round three?"

They laughed with excitement and looked at each other and said "Your turn! We
want to get you so built up, so horny, so driven mad with anticipation that you
shoot your load all over us like we saw in a porno once. Can you do that Seth?
Can you cum for US?"
"Yes ladies, but I think I'm already there. I mean I don't know how much more
turned on I could be?"
"We'll see about that, but we just want you to watch for now" as they
switched up positions from lying down on the couch. Carolyn took a position
laying on her back with her head hanging off the end of the chaise lounge upside
down facing me. As Heather mounted on top of her in a 69 position I could tell
they'd done this with each other before with her ass facing towards me. They
both started licking and sucking on each other as their moans grew. My cock was
throbbing watching them as they ate each other out sliding their fingers deep to
their knuckles bringing each other closer to orgasm again. They began to slow
down as Carolyn demanded that I kneel in front of her face so I did.

"Get closer, I want that cock of yours in my mouth" I slowly entered her
mouth and she pushed my hips away from her and said "I'll take it from here you
just take care of Heather, and she'll take care of me"; So I did the only thing I
could think of and grabbed Heather from under her hips and propped her already
glistening slit in front of my face and started slowly sucking on her clit as I
was fucking Carolyn's throat via her control. We had formed an oral sex giving
and receiving triangle. Carolyn had her arms wrapped around my thighs squeezing
my smooth bare ass cheeks digging in with her manicured nails. Everyone was
getting back in their groove as the two girls each came again I couldn't believe
I hadn't came yet I mean I wanted to I just couldn't let this moment end.

"I want your cock to fill me up Seth, I want to be fucked hard, and fast"
Heather commanded as I set her back down on Carolyn's face as she grasped my
cock at the base from underneath and toyed with it sliding it over Heather's
pussy lips and slapping her clit with it. As she guided me in she stopped me,
then quickly wrapped her arms around my ass and slammed me into her friend.
Heather let out a shreek of pure pleasure. As Carolyn did this again and again
Heather grabbed her friends hips and held on for the fucking she so wanted, for
the fucking that she so needed from me as her screams became just barely audible
after she buried her face back into Carolyn's perfectly shaven pussy.

Carolyn slowly reduced our pace as I leaned down and pulled her head up to
Heather's pussy where she would take turns sucking on her clit as I fucked her
then taking both of my balls in her mouth at the same time while she made
Heather fuck me so I could get completely taken care of. By this time her cheeks
were dripping with signs of her saliva and her friends orgasm.

"Finger fuck me Heather baby! You're gonna make me squirt!" As I see Heather
set herself up holding her weight with her left arm and fingering her friend
with her right hand I hear the pattering sound of Carolyn's big pussy juice
begin to gush as she throws her hips in the air and bucks them up and down on
Heather's hand. I see a stream shoot over Heather's shoulder into her back in
front of me.
"FUUUCCCKKK Splat I'M CUMMING!! Splat "Heather wrapped her arms around
Carolyn's hips and face fucked her as she exploded in her mouth over and over. I
couldn't help but lick Heather's back between her shoulder blades, getting a
taste of her salty sweat and Carolyn's sweet juices as then ran to the small of
her back. I was going to blow my load for sure any second now I could feel my
balls begin to quickly tighten. I bellowed out "my god ladies, I can't hold back
much longer!"

At that moment Carolyn effortlessly spun around and laid on her back and
threw her legs in the air with her ankles on my shoulders as she slid to the
right a bit on the chaise lounge. Heather rolled over and spun around so her
legs were facing away from me against the back of the couch to her right, my
left so that their heads were side by side. They both looked at each other and
started making out, I mean really kissing deeply. As they paused Carolyn ordered

I pumped into her well self lubricated pussy folding her legs back towards
her chest at a pace of about three pumps per second just giving her everything I
had. I let out a "Grraaruugghahhhh Fuck I'm gonna cum!" As my balls slapped
vigorously against her ass I pulled out of Carolyn's pussy to see my cock head
sling some of her juices onto the couch. As I start working just the head of my
dick jerking myself off with my right hand my legs began to quiver
uncontrollably, my hair started to tingle and my toes began to curl on the
carpet. My balls were aching in pain to empty on these two beautiful women. I
aimed across for Heather's body first and shot two rapid fire hot ropes of cum
splashing up to her stomach and tits leaving traces on her cheek.

As they continued their moaning make out session I let out a loud groan. I
turned slightly to adjust my aim to Carolyn and shook as I sent a cum stream up
onto the couch cushion just beside her head then adjusted my aim to land the
next four streams on her tits, cheek, neck, and chin as my balls slowly drained
what had been built up for weeks.

"Holy fuck SETH! That was amazing! You should make a porno!" I stood there
smiling, "thank you ladies I ah-appreciate that" I could barely speak. They
kissed the warm jizz that was sent over their mouths off during their make out
session as I wiped each of them down with fresh clean towels from the dryer.

We better get going, Carolyn needs to pick up her little sister in a bit. I
put my towel back on and walked them up the stairs as they tied on and adjusted
their breasts inside their tops many times. I kissed them both goodbye "Do this
again? Tomorrow?" They looked at each other with the biggest smiles and shook
their heads yes as they turned and walked away back to Heather's place.


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