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Daughter was a gift

It had happened to my daughter and me. It was during a summer when my
daughter was about sixteen. My husband was away at work and our black neighbor
was helping me with one thing or another. With one ear I knew that my daughter
was in her room with the door closed. But my own salaciousness was taking the
best of me.

This being a hot summer day, he was shirtless and wearing thin sports slacks.
His abs were fabulous. I had on pair of tiny white cotton athletic shorts that
were a size to small fitting my ass tightly. My inner labia are always hanging
out so my shaved cameltoe was very pronounced and very hot! The thin silk v-neck
t-shirt rubbed my nipples. Our eyes were teasing each other and I felt like an
oversexed teenager. It was not difficult to read my mind. My nipples were as
hard as rocks and clearly visible through the blouse. His eyes were moving back
and forth from my boobs to the cameltoe and back and his bulge was telling more
then words could do. Our talk got quieter and definitely hotter.

"Well, no, uh, yeah! Well, you know, but maybe I'm being a little too bold."
He said. "Michelle, you... you're attractive...You look so...”
"So... what?" I said, almost a whisper.
"You’re so... feminine."
"I've said too much... I think I've made you uncomfortable." He said.
I squeezed his arm, "No. Thank you... that was very nice. I don't often hear
things like that.”
"Well, standing here flirting with my attractively feminine neighbor isn't
getting things done. I guess I can't avoid it indefinitely."
He touched me. "But... if you need help with anything, you know, anything at
all, call out." He was slow to move away.
"Thanks.... Uhh,"
I took a half step closer to him and caught his hand. I decided to get bold
and make a move. He tensed up as I grabbed his arm and put it on my thigh. He
looked me over at me and I smiled. My hand slid slowly up to his crotch and
gently squeezed his cock through his pants. I could see the bulge was massive.
He placed both hands on my face and brought his lips to mine. We inhaled each
other like teenagers. In no time flat we were in my bedroom naked with him
parting my legs and licking my shaved pussy. He licked me from my clit to my
ass. He went back to the front, and gently lapped at it, then eagerly sucked on
the throbbing clit. I arched my back, loving the feeling, and then thought I
would nearly explode when I felt two of his fingers enter my cunt, the tips of
fingers began to tap my g-spot. From the excitement of it, my hips were bucking
and pressing against his mouth. Before I knew it, I had cum against his mouth.
From the ecstasy, my legs were in an involuntary spasm and I was cumming and
yelling with pleasure.

My nerves calmed down. “I want you to fuck me. I want to be your slut. “
He got on his knees in front of me. His dick was inches before my eyes. It
had to be at least nine inches long. His big black cock was uncut and rippled
with large veins. Taking his cock in my hand I rubbed its full length up and
down closing my hand around it my fingers barely touching as they spanned his
girth pulling his foreskin up and down. I gently held his magnificent cock. It
was everything I had dreamed of. Desperate to taste it I slipped my tongue up
the length and around the tip. A gentle groan came from his lips. Encouraged I
looked up into his big steely gorgeous eyes and deliberately and slowly opened
my lips and took the tip of his cock in my mouth.

His eyes closed as I continued to take as much of this magnificent tool in my
mouth as I could. I felt his hand on my head as he played with my hair. I tasted
the salty pre cum leaking from his tip on my lips it was sweet nectar to me. I
continued giving head like a good slut sucking licking and teasing his cock and
balls. Taking each of his heavy swollen dark balls in my mouth in turn and
teasing them with my tongue before returning to his shaft tickling the throbbing
veins on the underside of his thick heavy rod, then taking him inside my mouth
as deep as I could. I realized that I was groaning and moaning in pleasure as
his fingers were squeezing and twisting my nipples. I sensed that he was truly
hard. Took my mouth off his dick and whispered "Are you going to do that naughty
thing to me?"

He did not need any encouragement. In one strong movement his hard strong
arms pushed me onto my back, placed his arms behind my knees and my legs on his
shoulders. He was going to take me completely and penetrate me deeply. As he
kissed me I felt the head of his unsheathed cock at my vagina as he pressed into
me. He entered me slowly and I cried out, arching my back. He slowly drove into
me until there was nothing more. I felt like a “virgin touched for the first
time”. I was gasping at the intense pleasure and pain I was experiencing. With
each stroke he was fully inside me, stretching me beyond anything I’ve ever
known! Finally he was fully lodged deep in my cunt.

I breathed softly as he filled me and clamped my cunt muscles tight around
the thickness of his cock. He stretched me beyond everything that I’ve known
before. As a woman who has had a baby I know what stretching is all about. I
felt his body tense as I grasped the length of his cock with my cunt. For a long
moment he was motionless, allowing me to adjust for his size. I enjoyed this
simple physical pleasure of him being inside me. I squeezed him in a rhythmic
tight and relax and tight cycle. This cock was meant to savor and enjoy. a****l
passion was replaced by the sheer sensual pleasure of sex. He started to pound
me fast, hard and deep. I came in buckets!

I heard myself screaming to him "fuck me harder". I had never said anything
like that before. He seemed to fuck me forever and I came more than I could
count. The sheets were soaked with our sweat and my juices. I could tell he was
finally about to come, as he strained against me. He buried his cock deeply and
flooded me with his cum. As he collapsed on top of me I could feel the seed
leaking out, down my ass. I held him inside of me and simply enjoyed the feeling
of his cock. As we caught our breath and kissed he withdrew ever so slowly.
That’s when I became aware that we were not alone in the room.
My daughter was standing in a corner dressed only in a frilly top with one
hand on her almost hairless pussy, and the other pinching her puffies. My mind
went from shock to disbelief to acceptance. One thought rang in my head “My
baby-girl is no baby anymore”.

As I was searching for words, my daughter said, “It’s my time to become a
Those were serious words and I could not fight them. She came closer and sat
on the bed’s edge and put her hand on his dick. His cock still wet with his cum
and my juices started growing. No one should underestimate the recuperative
powers of a young healthy stud. My daughter slipped off her top and lay down in
the center of the bed.
Gently he kissed her forehead then her mouth and slowly suckled her nipples.
She enjoyed this, opened her mouth and moaned with erotic delight. He put his
mouth on her mons and with unpracticed naturalism she squeezed down with her
cunt, grinding it as if it were an orange and his face the juicer. Her pussy
slipped and slithered across his mouth, his chin. He kept on licking wherever he
could get his tongue, but mostly he concentrated on her hugely engorged clit and
the savage, itching lips of her cunt.

Her labium were swollen. He slipped his tongue between her flaps and poked
into the rippling, sucking the mouth of her twat. She held his head with her
hands and his face with her thighs, and she fucked his mouth with her juicing
snatch! He sucked her till she came, spurting all over his probing tongue. He
massaged her sweaty puffies.
She lurched upward, gasping "Ohhhh!” But then she giggled girlishly and
settled. Visually, her face showed a woman’s delight that only an orgasm can

I knew she was ready to accept his dick. I reached and grabbed his cock. It
was so hard and erect (and slippery) that it required some effort to pull it
away from his stomach. In a slow motion. He put the tip of prick up against her
puffy labia. His massive dick was at the opening to her vagina, rubbing her
clitoris. His foreskin bunched up, as her pussy lips stretched not quite enough
to let him in easily. Then the head of his cock slid out of that bunched
foreskin and slithered down her tunnel. His cock protruded and divided her
purple labia. The veins on his cock were raised and blue from the clamping
pressure of her vagina. He was carefully pushing his dick into her small cunt.
She showed no discomfort as his dick slid farther and farther into her body.
After a few minutes of slow and easy pushing, he had half oh his cock inside
this petite, young girl. He paused.

“Do not stop,” she said.
I put my hands on her knees and pulled them to her chest thus opening and
stretching her for easier penetration. He lifted his butt and with one motion
thrust his cock. It popped right in and she emitted a little gasp, as she felt
it inside her. Gently he stopped and let her adjust to his fullness. He
carefully lowered himself down onto her slim body and began to kiss her face and
lips. She replied eagerly. I saw his cock start to slide in and out of my
daughter's pussy. He was trying to make her first fuck a pleasant experience.
Both began bucking against each other in ever-faster pace.

After what seemed like a long time, he slowed down, lifted his upper torso
off her and looked into my eyes and my whole being simply melted. Still impaled
in my daughter, he moved his lips and pushed his tongue and forcibly kissed me
then lowered his lips and sucked my nipples. I looked and their groin and could
see glistening combination of their juices, around the edge of her open pussy
lips and down onto his cock. My daughter closed her eyes with her face took on a
look of erotic pleasure. With a steady beat he moved his massive dick in her and
then stopped. I observed her stretched vaginal opening; I could see some pulsing
in the tight flesh.

She was contracting and softening her vaginal muscles in a rhythmic pattern,
massaging his cock in the hot wet vise. Again, he lowered his huge frame onto
her locking her with his strapping arms. Her moans were loud as he was sliding
in and out with short strokes, then a long one in a faster and faster tempo She
screamed in waves of passion. His body tensed as he released his gargantuan
flood of juices...


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